Trails of Cold Steel 4 — Our Thoughts on the Saga’s Ending

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If you have already played Trails of Cold Steel 4 this year, there’s a good chance that it might be one of your favorite games of 2020. As the conclusion to the ongoing Cold Steel series, which is part of the larger The Legend of Heroes saga, the latest installment finally brought about many lingering plot beats from previous titles.

Of course, with so many narrative beats wrapping up in Trails of Cold Steel 4, it’s hard not to have opinions on how Nippon Ichi Software stuck the landing. Fortunately for you, we have brought together our two most esteemed ToCS fans on staff with Scott White and Kris Cornelisse to go through the game’s climactic ending and talk about how it all concluded.

Obviously, it goes without saying that both Scott and Kris will be going into great detail about the ending portions of the game so SPOILERS ARE IN PLAY. If you haven’t beat Trails of Cold Steel 4 yet but intend to do so in the future, we highly encourage you to come back at a later date! Our own feelings on the ending won’t be going away anytime soon. Hopefully, this can be a great companion piece to help you work through your own thoughts on the ending once you’ve seen it through.

You can find the full discussion featuring Scott and Kris’ thoughts on the end of Trails of Cold Steel 4 in the video down below. If you’ve finished the game for yourself and want to share your own thoughts, be sure to leave a comment either here on the article or in the accompanying section over on YouTube.

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